Personal computers (PCs) and Local Area Networks (LANs) are now mainstays of small businesses and corporations all over North America. Their power and flexibility provide great benefits to companies in terms of productivity at a minimum cost. Many businesses however, find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of PCs and LANs, and therefore find themselves outdated and thus, out of the competition of the marketplace.

Multimedia Web can help your company meet such challenges by providing state of the art computing and networking solutions. We specialize in the technologies that make up the infrastructure of your desktop computing environment, and by helping you provide a superior infrastructure; you can concentrate your focus on your day to day business concerns and leave the computing to us.

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Work station PC setup and installation
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Server PC setup and installation
LAN operating system installation
LAN administration
Application installation
Work station PC application setup
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The Personal Computer (PC) and the Local Area Network (LAN) are key elements of today’s business environment. Most small and medium-sized businesses use these technologies to share resources and to boost productivity by performing tasks faster and more reliably. However, even as these LAN’s become more and more important to the operation of the business, many are at risk of catastrophic failure. Viruses and hardware crashes can destroy critical business data. Employees can inadvertently or maliciously erase or modify key files. In addition, many LAN’s fail to live up to their potential: Key features are never implemented and business processes are never modified to use the LAN effectively.

Multimedia Web can help remedy these situations. We offer several services to help solve these LAN issues in today’s business environment. Most of these services can help “bullet-proof” your LAN and protect it from failure and misuse. In addition, other services can add significant function to your LAN to make the most of your investment. Together, these Extended LAN Services can provide you with a robust and secure LAN upon which to grow your business.

Data Backup
LAN Security
Internet Access
LAN Consulting